Notebook A5 Likhita Japa (Om Namo Narayanaya)

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Use this notebook to practice Likhita Japa

LikhitaJapa is writing the mantra or the name of the Lord repeatedly.  It is a very effective practice for integrating our personality.  Loud japa or mental japa is more subtler because all senses are withdrawn.  In LikhitaJapa, the senses are engaged in the practice.  When one writes the mantra, the eyes see it, the hands feel the pen and the writing on the paper, the mouth chants it and it purifies the speech also, ears hear the chanting, the mind is filled with devotion for the Lord, intellect thinks of the meaning of the mantra. 

·         We use our senses for so much indulgence but not for the Lord.  LikhitaJapa helps us to train the senses to do the work of the Lord. 

·         It is also a great way to develop patience and slow down our thinking.  The general habit of the mind is to hurry up with everything and do it fast.  Each name in LikhitaJapa is written with love and one does not rush it up. 

·         Where there is love, there the mind goes effortlessly. There is complete joy and fulfillment in the presence or thought of the beloved. One never tires of thinking, talking and writing about the beloved.

·         The Ishta/Guru mantra has the name and qualities of your beloved, your Lord or your Guru. While writing the mantra of the Lord or the Guru we imbibe the qualities and the name goes deep into the subconscious mind and purifies us. 

·         It also increases sattvaguna, detachment and single-pointedness.  Single-pointedness and purity of mind both are important qualities for a seeker. 

    • Cardboard covered with PVC
    • Notebook with elastic closure and matching ribbon
    • 96 sheets of lined paper (60 g / m²)