Puja Bathing Conch Shell and brass stand set ***Arriving 11 October***

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***Arriving 11 October***

We will send your whole order together when the Puja conch arrives. If you wish to have the rest of your order earlier you may pay an additional shipping fee.

Limited numbers in stock, pre-order now for Navaratri!

Bathing Conch Shell 4"-5" and quality Brass Conch Shell Stands

Used for Abishek and Aroti in Deity Worship

The Bathing Conch shell is a conch shell with no hole at the end which is used in the aroti ceremony in temples to hold water which is offered to the deities. The bathing conch is also used during the abhishek ceremony, a ceremony in the temple where the deities are bathed with various auspicious substences. The bathing conch shell is used to hold these auspicious substances like milk, ghee, sweet water and yoghurt and the conch is also used to pour these substances onto the Deity in the bathing ceremony.