Copper Tongue Cleaner - 100% Pure Copper (Cuivre)

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This 100% Pure Copper Tongue Scrapper uses Virgin Copper which is known to be one the most effective tongue cleaning option. This legendary metal can remove unwanted ailments from your tongue to reduce bad breath and improve overall oral health. Using a Copper Tongue Cleaner helps to get rid of residue that may cause the production of Volatile Sulphur, one of the causes of tooth decay and bad breath.

Thick Handle

This tongue scraper features a wide handle to offer you perfect grip while you improve your oral hygiene.

Firm Elasticity

Copper made tongue cleaner offers you a flexible yet durable handle to help you reach and clean every corner of your tongue comfortably.

Wide Cleaning Span

This tongue cleaner comes with a broad cleaning head to capture most residue and unwanted compounds from the tongue.

Round Edges to Avoid Nicks

There is always a slight risk when using a traditional tongue cleaner. By making the edges round we have ensured that the tongue cleaner only cleans but not cuts. It gently glides on your tongue smoothly and reaches further back in the mouth easily.

Ancient Design

The Legend Ayurveda tongue scrappers feature the most ancient and unique designs. Thus U-shaped tongue cleaner has been used in the Indian Subcontinent for centuries as an effective way of maintaining oral hygiene

Anti-Rust and Long-Lasing

This cleaner is made from Virgin Copper and does not include any other metals. Unlike Steel scrappers, this will not rust, and unlike plastic or silicone, tongue cleaners this copper-based tongue cleaner will not break and serve you for years.

How to clean

It is natural for copper to become discoloured over time. To clean the copper tongue cleaner, simply take a piece of lemon, sprinkle with salt and rub over the tongue cleaner to remove any residue.