Ethical Teachings

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By Swami Sivananda. Ethics is the science of conduct. Ethical science shows the way in which human beings behave towards each other as well as towards other creatures. It contains systematized principles on which a man should act. Works on ethics there have been many. More often than not these dealt purely with the theoretical aspect of it, various types of ethical theory, evolution of ethical thought in the course of history. What man today urgently needs is to know how exactly he ought to act and live his life if he were to confirm the basic principles of goodness and virtue. This need, the present volume, most eminently fulfils. A glance at the contents will reveal how no aspect of the subject has been left untouched. Extremely valuable instructions are given to the students, householders, retired men and ascetics alike. This invaluable work will be of utmost and immense help in making the human nature grow into the Divine and in ushering in a blessed new ear in the land.175 pages. Edition 2016.