Life and Teachings of Lord Jesus

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By Swami Sivananda.

Sri Swami Sivananda is a cosmic Being. The love of his heart embraces the entire creation. His blessings and grace are showered on all alike, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality and sex. His Ashram on the bank of the Ganga reflects this catholicity of his outlook. In the Ashram are celebrated the festivals of all religions, the Birthdays of all the Prophets of the world, and the holy days of all creeds.
The Holy Christmas is a very important celebration in the Ashram, observed with as much solemnity and rejoicing as is the Krishna Janmashtami, Ramanavami or the Birthday of Guru Nanakdev. Christ, the Son of Man, is the Son of God, the Light that is born to save the world of darkness. As the darkness of the world is not an outward phenomenon, so is the remover of darkness not a mere physical personality.
The reverence and esteem in which Lord Jesus is held by Sri Swami Sivananda is well portrayed in this valuable publication from his prolific pen.

128 pages. Edition 2016.