Arati Brass Lamp 13cm x 5cm

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Brass Arati lamp

Quality brass lamp

width 13cm x  height 5cm

How to use the arati lamp

Fill with any household oil, can be any cheap vegetable oil. Place a wick on the oil and light the wick to start arati. Wicks can be purchased here:

About Arati

Arati is the yogic light ceremony to purify and uplift the vibratory level of any place. It combines the purity and positivity of light with the purity and positivity of Mantras. Lights also represents our Supreme Self or the Divine. We remember our true Self during Arati. Arati is especially helpful to counteract negative or disturbing energies - for example after renovations in your home, an awkward visit, a quarrel, etc. But in fact, Arati should be done daily under any circumstances, just for the sake of uplifting and purifying your mind and your home. The Sivananda Centres and Ashrams do Arati twice daily, morning and evening. All over India, Arati is done in temples as highlight of a spiritual ceremony. The principle of waving light is always the same, but the mantras can be very different according to which aspect is invoked, for example during the Ganga Arati which is performed along the banks of the Ganges, Mantras praising Ganga are chanted.


Minimalistic Arati

• wave the arati lamp clockwise and chant a few times “Om Om Om” before offering the light of the incense to the altar.

Full Arati

• The full Arati that is chanted during the Satsangs at the Sivananda Centres is quite long, since in the universal spirit of Yoga it invokes many forms and manifestations of the Divine.

• If you feel inspired to learn it, here is a link to the text with translation.

• uploads/2020/05/Arati-engl-withmeaning.pdf

• Download it and chant along in the Satsangs to learn it bit by bit by heart!

This full arati article can be read in the 2021 Yoga Life magazine here