Upanishad Drama

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By Swami Sivananda. The idea behind the present plays is that the sublime Truths propounded by the most ancient Books of Knowledge, the Upanishads, may be brought within easy grasp of even the busiest man. So that, even as a book, it may serve its purpose; the cream of the Upanishads is extracted and presented in a homely style. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj has been, throughout his writings, stressing upon the value of practice as contrasted with mere theory in spiritual realization.
He has taken pains to express in easy and intelligible language the abstruse portions of the text so that the most valuable teachings can be readily understood by one and all. The songs he has introduced bear the mark of his personality and are vivid and vigorous. They are soul-stirring. It is hoped that this volume would help towards the elucidation of intricate problems and enrich the sum of spiritual knowledge, and be a real guide to all types of men.

224 pages. Edition 2007.